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Moriah Jefferson


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The Basics

Position: Guard

Current Team: Dallas Wings | #4

Draft: 2016 | UConn | 1st round (2nd Pick)

Key Accolades: All-Rookie (2016)

The Pet: Kobie

The Down Low

I am not going to cover Moriah's point guard skills in detail because Queen Ballers Club already wrote The Ultimate Guide. As QBC describes her, she is "synonymous with blinding speed and remarkably accurate finishing," "ridiculously entertaining to watch" and "back to wreak havoc on the WNBA court." Sounds pretty good to me. Moriah gives credit to her late AAU (club) coach Marques "Mudd" Jackson for teaching her how to wreak such havoc. She now strives to carry on his legacy by training and mentoring girls in her community at the same rec center she trained in growing up.

Much less important than the above, but her family dressed like this for christmas which is incredible.

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