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Rachel Banham

"Ray Ban"

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The Basics

Position: Forward

Current Team: Minnesota Lynx | #15

Draft: 2016 | Minnesota | 1st round (4th overall)

The Pet

The Down Low

Players like Rachel Banham are what motivate me to do the database, because mainstream coverage never alerted me to the fact that she is a straight weirdo in the best way. Personally, it was this video that made me to decide that I needed to learn more about Rachel:

On the court, Banham's skills are no joke. After watching her in college, Kobe Bryant declared that Rachel has #mambablood, a moniker that she continues to own to this day. (By the way, her description of meeting her idol is deeply relatable.)

Notable Quotables

You guys know I can't dance, but the effort is ALWAYS there.

Know Your Meme

Rachel has a very good ongoing bit of photobombing the officiating staff in their pregame photo.

You can find her full collection of #banhambombs here.


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