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Bria Hartley


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The Basics

Position: Guard

Current Team: Phoenix Mercury | #14

Draft: 2014 | UConn | 1st round (7th overall)

Key Accolades: All-Rookie (2014)

The Down Low

We should all aspire to make men apologize for undervaluing us like Breezy did. Hartley, who hasn't yet made an All-Star roster was signed to a max contract for the 2020 season (read: still severely underpaid), which lots of commenters doubted was the right call. Then she came out averaging 15 points and 5 assists per game, proving the haters wrong and leading to literal apology letters and the Mercury Twitter account clowning everyone who doubted her. Truly an inspiration.

Bria is also a mom to cutie Bryson, who became the team's deputy photographer in the wubble.

Notable Quotables

I just try to tell [my son] to have that mindset of going out there, remaining confident, and believing in yourself no matter what happens. I think that's the biggest thing I had to do, and that's why I feel like through the years, maybe I was kind of an underrated player. Now this year everyone is congratulating me on how well I'm doing, so I am just really proud of how I stayed the course, continued to believe in myself, and continued working because eventually everything really came into fruition.​

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All Hart Clothing (Designed by Bria Hartley)

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