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The Basics

Position: Center

Current Team: Los Angeles Sparks | #17

Draft: 2015 | Minnesota | 1st round (2nd overall)

The Pet: Hugo

Please enjoy this perfect tweet and photo set:

The Down Low

Zahui B. is originally from Sweden. The "B" is short for Bazoukou. She shortened her name so it would fit on her jersey and be easier for Americans to pronounce (which is fair). While there are preposterously some AZB haters out there, she is a rebounding and blocking machine, particularly standing out in these categories the past couple seasons.

Some other things to know about Amanda:

Notable Quotables

On being in Sweden when the Black Lives Matter marches were occuring in the summer of 2020:

Minneapolis, I wanted to march the streets with everyone. I wanted to do whatever I can do for that community. But at the same time, we have so much work to do in Sweden. You have to start at home.

But I still want to be the best. Not just the best in the WNBA. Not just the best in Europe.


I want to be the best in the entire world.

Highlight Reel

"Zahui B makes the game-clinching pass, then appreciates her own effort." [Source]

Know Your Meme

Not yet a meme, but I think we should all use this photo of Amanda, Kiah Stokes, and Shaq more:

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