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Gabby Williams

"Spooky G", "Yo Gabby Gabby"*

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The Basics

Position: Forward / Point Gabby

Current Team: Chicago Sky | #15

Draft: 2018 | UConn | 1st round (4th overall)

The Pet: Halle Berry

The Down Low

On the court, Gabby is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" because she can do it all, playing any position 1-4. For the past two years, Coach Wade has played her as a backup point guard (in addition to her other duties), and when she does, fans affectionately call her "Point Gabby." Because of her many talents and athleticism, Gabby is star that many feel has still not reached her full potential.

Off the court, Gabby is a delight, and there are so many things to highlight that the only way to cover even part of them is in bullet points:

Notable Quotables

The egg don't swim to the sperm bitch, NEVER chase a man.

More on Gabby

* not an official nickname we just yell it in my house when she scores

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