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Stefanie Dolson

"Big Mama Stef"

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The Basics

Position: Center

Current Team: Chicago Sky | #31

Draft: 2014 | UConn | 1st round (6th overall)

Key Accolades: WNBA All-Star (2015, 2017)

The Pet: Theodore "Theo"

The Down Low

Stef is an All-Star center known for her pick and roll game and shooting. On defense, she is known to pick up a lot of fouls, although she will act as though she has never fouled in her life. I do encourage you to keep your eyes on Dolson even when she is not actually playing in the game, because you will catch her hamming it up and dancing on the sidelines:

Know Your Meme

Stef is not afraid to call out floppers (read: falling over to attempt to get the refs to call a foul on your opponent). Big Mama accused Natalie Achonwa of flopping in a mid-game interview one year. I encourage you to use the exact same intonation as Stef when you want to make a similar accusation.

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