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Know Your Player: Sydney Colson

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The other day I realized that I have never written an article highlighting Sydney Colson. And I have to apologize to my readers. Because Sydney Colson is it. She's got all the humor, vision and heart to be anyone's favorite player.

Some things to know about Sydney:

And it's time to add "stand up comedian" to that list:

Those who have been following Sydney are unsurprised, as she's consistently the funniest online presence. A retrospective of my favorite videos she has made is below:

On Social Distancing:

On Privilege:

On Getting Into Those Jeans:

On Boundaries:

On Corny Men:


SNKRS (rec'd by @kaylados)

Sydney is such a delight the WNBA gave her her own "60 Seconds with Syd" segment. If she doesn't make you love the WNBA, I don't know what will:

You're Welcome.

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