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The Basics

Position: Forward

Current Team: Indiana Fever | #13

Draft: 2020 | Baylor | 1st round (3rd Pick)


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The Pet: Lexi

The Down Low

One thing, but not the only thing, to know about Lauren is that she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 7 and plays with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) on her arm and an insulin pump (that connects via tube to an infusion port in her hip) to manage her blood sugar levels. She is an ambassador for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and says she has turned the diagnosis into a source of strength. Ahead of the 2020 draft (when she was selected #3 & looked amazing in a blue dress) Lauren wrote an essay in the Players' Tribune about facing adversity and living with diabetes. Here's how she ended it, which I absolutely loved:

Don’t root for me because I’m a survivor.


Root for me because of what I’ve survived to become: A daughter, a sister, a teammate, a friend. A passionate leader. A fierce competitor. A consistent winner.​


And in my humble opinion?

One heck of a basketball player.

You got it, Lauren.

Know Your Meme

Lauren Cox was mic'd up during a game and spoke this truth, a reminder that should come in handy when live-tweeting the WNBA:


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