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The Basics

Position: Guard

Current Team: Connecticut Sun | #2

Draft: 2019 | Marquette | 2nd round (18th overall)

The Pet: Finn

The Down Low

I'm not sure there is any player that looks like she is having as much fun as Natisha. She was the queen of the Connecticut Sun bench mob, the undisputed best bench of the 2020 season. (There is truly a never-ending supply of amazing shots.) Of course, she brings that energy on the court as well, providing that crucial spark off the bench, as well as her basketball IQ, scrappy defense, and three-point shooting.

Tee is also a musician, releasing her single "Rocket" in 2020, which is in fact a bop.

Also I apologize for spreading gossip like this, but for those who love WNBA love, her and Courtney Williams confirmed they used to date. They are still on good terms and there are many cute photos of them together in 2019.

Notable Quotables

On being "undersized" at 5'7:

I think I’m a big person. In my head, I’m 6-7. It helps me be confident.

Know Your Meme

I selected this photo of the CT Sun bench squad as one of the most iconic images of the 2020 Wubble season:


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